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Why Nutri-West?

We are Dr. Jamie Forster and Dr. Jason Horowitz, and we own and operate Nutri-West of New York. 

We were devotees of Nutri-West products for many years before becoming the official distributors for the New York/New England area. As medical professionals, we confidently recommended Nutri-West products to our patients because we saw the positive results in our own patients time and time again. And we didn’t just recommend Nutri-West to our patients, we also used the products ourselves and loved the effects we personally experienced.

The excellent patient outcomes we achieved with Nutri-West supplements helped grow our chiropractic practice and we benefited from the glowing word-of-mouth recommendations that spread throughout our community. When the New England distributorship rights became available, we saw the opportunity as a natural extension of our commitment to holistic patient care.

Today, we still see patients and are dedicated to helping other medical practitioners grow their practice and duplicate the amazing results we experience using Nutri-West products with our patients.

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For more information about our products, please contact (888) 227-5469 or [email protected]

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