Student Membership with the NYSCA

Why should YOU be a member of the NYSCA?

By joining the Association you will be taking an important step in unifying the voice of Chiropractic in New York. Collectively, we can more effectively accomplish our goals of promoting, advancing, and defending the rights of our profession and our patients. Take full advantage of this opportunity to affect the future of your profession by becoming an active member. Let YOUR voice be heard. Join the NYSCA today! 

Become a student member of the NYSCA

Take full advantage of your NYSCA Member Benefits 

Membership with the NYSCA makes you a part of the largest community of practicing Doctors of Chiropractic in New York State. This affords you an unparalleled opportunity for camaraderie with colleagues in your local area, to share with them in the trials and triumphs of day to day practice.

Student Membership is FREE and continues up to one year post graduation. Upon licensure, student membership automatically converts to a regular membership with voting privileges and your first year dues are WAIVED.

There are many ways for you to increase your benefit of being a NYSCA member:

  • Join your local NYSCA Facebook Group
  • Attend a local NYSCA event - covering current topics of interest, NYSCA news, and updates, and offering opportunities for face-to-face communication and camaraderie with colleagues
  • Access members-only content online
  • Learn more about current legislation
  • Register for upcoming Conventions (FREE student registration)
  • Submit a FREE classified ad (potential resource for career opportunities!)
  • Upon licensure, request a practice mentor

Affect the future of your profession; participate in your professional organization on a local and statewide level!

Not yet a NYSCA member? What are you waiting for?

Join Today!


  • What should I know about the New York State Chiropractic Association?
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  • Why should all New York Chiropractors be a member of their State Association?
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  • What can I expect to get out of my membership?
    Click here to read about the benefits of being a member of your State Association, and here to learn what additional privileges are currently available to NYSCA members.

  • What are the qualifications for NYSCA membership? 
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  • Can I send in a paper application?
    Yes!  Click here to download the NYSCA student membership application.

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