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 Event Exhibitors

  Allstate DME Consultants 5 Steve Gray 347-322-2497 Website
  American Arbitration Association 16 Ben Carpenter 646-240-4589 Website
  BaxMAX Back Supports 35 Dave Hodgson 888-4-BaxMAX Website
  BEMER Group 45 Rick Gabrielly 914-715-8909 Website
  Berman Partners/Energia Medical 31 Rob Berman 860-707-4220 Website
  Chattanooga / Lightforce Therapy Lasers 12 Judi Taylor 423-316-2185 Website
  CitiMed 9 Marina Katayeva 646-255-7071 Website
  Community Medical Wellness 39 Priscilla Sigler 631-828-4545 Website
  doTERRA 40 Tarana Nabizada 617-512-1780 Website
  Eclipse EHR Solutions 23 Abbe Cozell 352-488-0081 Website
  Encompass Group 22 Kristen Kasabucki 860-490-7982 Website
  Excite Medical 32 Dominick Chiechi 813-210-1000 Website
  Fass & D'Agostino 15 Todd Fass 631-824-6040 Website
  Foot Levelers 38 Stephanie Artrip 540-364-5961 Website
  Foundation for Chiropractic Progress 4 Alexis Lignos 866-901-F4CP Website
  GEM Elite Marketing 41 Gabrielle Bernal 315-309-0442 Website
  Harlan Health Products 30 Harlan Pyes 914-738-6663 Website
  Idiba 25 RJ Witt 978-300-0545 Website
  Infinedi 11 RT Donohue 800-688-8087 Website
  Injury Docs Now 44 Jaime Sullivan 833-Docs-Now Website
  LabCorp 8 Jason Finnegan 631-599-8301 Website
  Law Firm of Alex Dell 28 Alex Dell Esq 866-965-2667 Website
  Law Office of Stephen A Strauss  37 Stephen Strauss Esq 631-760-1300 Website
  Lewin & Baglio 1 Lev Lewin 516-307-1777 Website
  Licatesi Law Group 10 Anthony Licatesi Esq 516-227-2662 Website
  Medical Marvel Massage Chairs 33 Scott Philo 603-882-7165 Website
  NCMIC 47 Gayle Welter 800-769-2000 x5129 Website
  Northeast College of Health Sciences 6 Michael Mestan 800-234-6922 Website
  NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery 26 Richard Van Allen 866-946-4270 Website
  Nutri-West NY 7 Amber Bien 888-227-5469 Website
  NYCPAC 2 Dr. Joseph Campisi 845-459-2667 Website
  Optavia 29 Mary Didio DC 516-380-9964 Website
  OUM Chiropractor 48 Brian Cesario 800-251-5727 Website
  Prudential 13 Rosi Gil 631-482-8277 Website
  Richard Kim Medicine 36 Richard Kim MD 518-871-9900 Website
  RS Medical 20/21 Lissa Gienty 971-409-8510 Website
  Shockwave Centers of America 18 David Tucker 877-341-8367 Website
  SMG Mediquip 14 Tami Malico 631-239-1488 Website
  Stat Biomedical Technicians 24 Bryan Ginther 631-472-7299 Website
  Summus Medical Lasers 17 Dr. Rob Browse 615-595-7749 Website
  Ultra Pain Products 46 Ari Alayev 833-ANTI-PAIN Website
  US Med Supply Corp 34 Jeff Kleidman 646-797-4200 Website
  The Wisdom of Light 27 Victoria Ahrensdorf 413-563-7553 Website
  Zero Gravity  19 Natalia Max 704-774-2577 Website
  Zwanger Pesiri Radiology 42 Merik Dolber 631-444-5544 Website


Event Supporters

The views and opinions of NYSCA-supporting vendors and other entities – i.e., exhibitors, advertisers, presenters and speakers - do not necessarily reflect or represent the views, opinions or understanding of the NYSCA. Neither a speaker’s or exhibitor’s presence and participation at a NYSCA event, nor product mention, display or service line shall in any way constitute NYSCA’s endorsement of the speaker, exhibitor, or vendor’s product-line.

The NYSCA strongly encourages all convention attendees to carefully and thoroughly review all contracts and agreements, and, if necessary, to consult with a competent attorney well-versed in the particular area of law that may be involved prior to engaging the services of any vendor or exhibitor to ensure that the product, service, and/or business model comports with the scope of the New York state Chiropractic Enabling and Licensing law, and the laws, rules and regulations of any other applicable federal, state or foreign jurisdiction, tribal or municipal laws or local ordinances.

The NYSCA disclaims all responsibility for any agreement an attendee enters into with any vendor or exhibitor at a NYSCA event and disclaims all warranties, express or implied, at law or in equity, with respect to any matter relating to any agreement an attendee enters into with the NYSCA or any vendor, exhibitor, advertiser, presenter or speaker, their representatives, products, services or service-lines or business models, without limitation, concerning any offer and acceptance, or transaction contemplated or executed by the parties at, or following a NYSCA hosted event.

Information on future events with sponsor/ exhibitor opportunities can be found on our Exhibitor page. Would you like to exhibit at this event? Please review the exhibitor prospectus for details or submit your exhibitor application online!

After reviewing the Exhibitor FAQs and Event Agenda, do you still have questions? Contact us using the form link below and we will be happy to assist you.

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