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NCMIC OUM Chiropractor
Nutri-West NY McHugh Neurosurgery CGI Digital


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Hudson Valley Neurodiagnostics Foot Levelers Optimal Laboratories


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  American Arbitration Association Benjamin Carpenter 800-778-7879
  BaxMAX Supports Dave Hodgson 248-390-1598
  Bemer Group Rick Gabrielly 914-715-8909
  CGI Digital Tyler Head 865-850-8899
  Chattanooga / Lightforce Therapy Lasers Frank Hogan 800-592-7329
  ChiroMatrix Joel Eros 888-792-8384
  CitiMed Marina Katayeva 866-CitiMed
  CitiDME Tommy Iffraimov 973-850-3121
  Community Medical Wellness Patricia Sigler 631-828-4545
  Eclipse EHR Cloud John Waskowitz 352-488-0081
  Electronic Development Labs Inc Danielle Smith 800-342-5335
  Erchonia Wendy McLaughlin 888-242-0571
  Excite Medical Morgan Jehlen 813-210-1000
  Fass & D’Agostino Todd Fass 631-824-6040
  Fine Olin & Anderman LLP Vincent Rossillo Esq 855-941-0939
  Foot Levelers Wayne Dixon 800-553-4860
  Harlan Health Products Harlan Pyes 800-345-1124
  Healthy Feet LLC Andrea Sturgis 800-410-2325
  Indiba / K-Laser Michael McGee 978-300-0532
  Law Firm of Alex Dell Rebecca Striker 866-965-2667
  Law Office of Stephen A Strauss PC Stephen Strauss Esq 631-760-1300
  Law Offices of McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi,
Salmonson, & Riordan LLP
Scott Salmonson Esq 631-665-0609
  Lewin & Baglio Lev Lewin Esq 516-307-1777
  Licatesi Law Group Anthony Licatesi 516-227-2662
  Meadowbrook Medical Equipment Jonathan Posner 954-598-3818 [email protected]
  NCMIC Lori Holt 800-247-8043
  New York Brain Spine and Joint Jaime Sullivan 516-581-0974
  New York Chiropractic PAC Dr. Joseph Campisi 845-459-2667
  Northeast College of Health Sciences Courtney Thompson 800-234-6922
  NutriWest-NY  Amber Bien 888-227-5469
  Open Air Pillow Layne Martin 917-748-0816
  Optavia David Levi 631-617-5733
  Optimal Laboratories Steven Gelwan 877-522-7220
  OUM Chiropractor Jennifer Collis 800-423-1504
  Protect-A-Life CPR Training Patricia Woz 585-259-3196 [email protected]
  Prudential Advisors Christopher Mancini 631-482-8277
  RS Medical Lissa Gienty 800-935-7763
  SMG Mediquip Tami Lynn Malico 516-586-4934
  Standard Process Julianna Murphy 800-558-8740
  Stat BioMedical Technicians Bryan Ginther 631-472-7299
  Strand Health Group Kyle Cranfill 775-379-3578
  Team Resnick EDX George Resnick DC 516-770-3173
  TonaLaw Personal Injury Lawyers Juliet Accomando 833-TONALAW
  US Med Supply Corp Jeffrey Kleidman 646-797-4200
  Virax Marketing Daniel Orrijola 516-220-5782
  Zwanger Pesiri Radiology Merik Dolber 631-444-5544
Event Supporters

The views and opinions of NYSCA-supporting vendors and other entities – i.e., exhibitors, advertisers, presenters and speakers - do not necessarily reflect or represent the views, opinions or understanding of the NYSCA. Neither a speaker’s or exhibitor’s presence and participation at a NYSCA event, nor product mention, display or service line shall in any way constitute NYSCA’s endorsement of the speaker, exhibitor, or vendor’s product-line.

The NYSCA strongly encourages all convention attendees to carefully and thoroughly review all contracts and agreements, and, if necessary, to consult with a competent attorney well-versed in the particular area of law that may be involved prior to engaging the services of any vendor or exhibitor to ensure that the product, service, and/or business model comports with the scope of the New York state Chiropractic Enabling and Licensing law, and the laws, rules and regulations of any other applicable federal, state or foreign jurisdiction, tribal or municipal laws or local ordinances.

The NYSCA disclaims all responsibility for any agreement an attendee enters into with any vendor or exhibitor at a NYSCA event and disclaims all warranties, express or implied, at law or in equity, with respect to any matter relating to any agreement an attendee enters into with the NYSCA or any vendor, exhibitor, advertiser, presenter or speaker, their representatives, products, services or service-lines or business models, without limitation, concerning any offer and acceptance, or transaction contemplated or executed by the parties at, or following a NYSCA hosted event.

Would you like to exhibit at this event? Information regarding this and future events with sponsor/ exhibitor opportunities can be found on our Exhibitor page. Please visit that page to learn more and to register to exhibit!

Event Exhibitors

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