Legislative Update - October 2022

The co-chairs of the Legislative Committee wanted to provide a legislative update on NYSCA’s legislative activities in Albany.  During the 2022 legislative session, our Legislative Committee worked actively with our government affairs attorney on several legislative priorities for the Association. 

Scope modernization remains our main legislative priority.  The scope bill numbers are A4358 and S1319.  The Assembly bill is sponsored by Assemblymember Daniel O’Donnell and the Senate bill is sponsored by Senator James Gaughran.  Both our sponsors understand the need for scope modernization and for doctors of chiropractic to practice to the full extent of our education and training. While the scope bill did not see movement during this session, we had many conversations about the need for this legislation and have developed next steps to get this legislation advanced. We also wanted to note that for the next legislative session, we will have a new Senate sponsor as our current sponsor, Senator Gaughran, did not seek reelection to the Senate. We want to thank you him for his support of the profession over his tenure as a Senator, and we wish him the best in his next endeavor.

Another legislative priority this year was to recognize conservative care providers, like chiropractors, as alternatives to an opioid prescription.  This bill, A273, sponsored by Assemblymember Richard Gottfied and S4640, sponsored by Senator Gustavo Rivera, would require a medical doctor to inform a patient that they may want to consider seeking conservative care treatment instead of receiving a prescription for an opioid.  We are excited and pleased to report that the bill passed both houses and is awaiting action by the Governor! We have already talked to the Governor’s office about the importance and need for this legislation, and we will keep you posted on its final resolution.

Another legislative priority was a bill to add chiropractors to the list of authorized telehealth providers. This bill A7369-A/S7130 was also sponsored by Assemblymember Gottfried and Senator Rivera. While the bill passed the Assembly, it did not pass in the Senate because we learned that there was a technical issue with the legislation. The bill would have added chiropractors to the list of authorized telehealth providers under Medicaid, but as we know, Medicaid in New York does not cover chiropractic. The Legislative Committee is now reviewing this and will make a recommendation as to whether it makes sense to pursue adding chiropractic to Medicaid in New York. 

The past legislative session was conducted primarily remotely, so there was not an opportunity for a full-scale lobby day. We are hoping that in 2023, we will be able to hold a Lobby Day in Albany. Stay tuned for details on this as it gets closer to the start of the next legislative session. 

A reminder that November 8 is Election Day. Please make sure you vote!

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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