ICD-10 Updates Effective Date 10/01/2021

Every year there are updates to the ICD-10 codes. These codes take effect 10/1/2021. This year's coding updates that will affect chiropractic claims are listed below:

  • M54.5 Low back pain. Loin pain and Lumbago NOS have been deleted from the description
  • New Code: M54.50 Low back pain, unspecified. This includes Loin pain and Lumbago NOS.
  • New Code: M54.51 Vertebrogenic low back pain, Low back vertebral endplate pain
  • New Code: M54.59 Other low back pain
  • M54.8 Other dorsalgia. Revise low back pain (M54.5) to low back pain (M54.5-)

Please update your records to include these changes effective 10/1/21 to avoid payment delays or denials.

Source: CMS ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY 2022  

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