New Region 4 Director

As you may be aware, the NYSCA Board of Directors had a vacant Director's seat in Region 4 subsequent to the May 2021 elections. This vacancy was created when Dr. Rae Smith was elected as the NYSCA Communications Secretary.

A previous announcement was made that, in accordance with the NYSCA by-laws, a special election by the Board of Directors would be held in June 2021 to fill this vacant seat. The elected person would complete the remainder of the existing term through May 31, 2022. The Board convened Thursday evening, June 24th, 2021 to hold this special election and fill the position.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Dr. Allison Fleming as the newest Director in NYSCA Region 4. Dr. Fleming had previously served as District 15 Secretary, Vice President, and President. Moving up into a new position is an exciting feat.

Dr. Allison Fleming

The NYSCA Board of Directors is delighted to welcome her. Congratulations on the new appointment!

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