Legislative Update - June 4, 2021

Just a quick legislative update as the 2021 legislative session is scheduled to conclude next Thursday, June 10. We have been proactively pushing two bills of interest to the profession:

First, as previously discussed is A273 (Gottfried)/S4640 (Rivera), which would require a practitioner treating a patient with a neuromusculoskeletal condition causing pain to discuss with the patient the efficacy of non-opioid conservative care treatments. These treatments include massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and occupational therapy care. We are working in a coalition with the American Massage Therapy Association - New York Chapter, the New York Physical Therapy Association, and the New York State Occupational Therapy Association.

We have seen great success so far as the bill has made it to the floor in both the Senate and Assembly. We are pleased to report that today the New York State Senate has passed the bill! We are now asking the Assembly to follow suit and also pass the bill.

As a reminder, MSSNY has issued a memo saying that they are opposed to this bill as it will create additional paperwork for providers. We understand the onerous nature of additional paperwork, but feel that given that opioid crisis being faced in this country, a bit of additional paperwork for providers writing opioid prescriptions should not be viewed as a burden. We will continue our work to get this bill passed in both houses.

The second bill A7369-A (Gottfried)/S7130 (Rivera) would add several new providers to the list of authorized providers for telehealth services in New York, including chiropractors. As you know, doctors of chiropractic have been able to utilize telehealth services because of an executive order issued by the Governor. This legislation would make permanent the executive order provisions by ensuring that chiropractors are added to the list of healthcare providers authorized to utilize telehealth services. This bill is making its way through committee in the Assembly, and we are working to bring the bill to a vote in the Senate.

We will keep you posted on the status of these bills as the session draws to a conclusion next week.

Amy Kellogg Esq.
Government Affairs

Mariangela Penna, DC
Legislative Chair

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