Future of Chiropractic Strategic Visioning and Planning Project » Discussion Board

The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (ChiroCongress) is seeking to develop a strategic plan for the future of the Chiropractic profession through a robust stakeholder engagement process. The resulting vision and strategic plan will become a public resource that will guide the profession and its stakeholders for the next five years.

You are being invited to participate in the project discussion board to provide your thoughts on key topics impacting the chiropractic profession: https://lab2.future-iq.com/future-of-chiropractic-strategic-visioning-and-planning-project/discussion-topics/.

The discussion board for this project will allow you to contribute thoughts and ideas on a series of important discussion topics relevant to this project. New topics will be posted on this portal throughout the strategic visioning process as they arise. Initial Discussion Topics include: Acceptance of the Chiropractic profession; Cost of Education and Student Loans; Professional Unification; Industry 4.0 Disruptions. 

More information about this project can be found online at:

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