Workers' Compensation Board Update on Telemedicine

As some of you are aware, the availability of telemedicine services for New York's injured workers was set to expire on July 20th.  The NYSCA workers' compensation committee contacted the WCB to ensure telemedicine would remain available for those injured workers who could not seek chiropractic care as a result of COVID-19.

Yesterday the WCB release the following:

The Chair has adopted on an emergency basis, amendments to 12 NYCRR 325-1.8, 329-1.3, 329-4.2, 333.2, and 348.2 to allow telemedicine in some circumstances for social distancing purposes due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and to supersede the previous emergency telemedicine adoption, filed on April 20, 2020. A Notice of Emergency Adoption will be published in the August 4, 2020, edition of the State RegisterLink to External Website. The text of the Emergency Adoption has been published to the Board's website. This emergency rulemaking is effective for 90 days upon filing July 20, 2020.

The same rules relative to the rendering and billing of Telemedicine services remain in effect:

(c) When medically appropriate, authorized chiropractors shall use Common Procedural Technology (CPT) code 99212 using modifier 95 and indicating 11 as the place of service when treatment is rendered by telemedicine using two-way audio and visual communication, and indicating 02 as the place of service when treatment is rendered by telephone only. Treatment in accordance with section 325-1.8 of this Title and using these codes shall be limited to one unit per patient per day, up to two treatments per week during the thirty days following injury, and up to one treatment per week thereafter.

The NYSCA appreciates the continuing efforts WCB in addressing the pandemic.  You may view the details of the update at the following link:

Stay safe, and thank you for supporting our profession as a NYSCA member.

NYSCA Workers' Compensation Committee

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