Update on NY Forward Phase 2 and Chiropractic Practices

The NYSCA was under the impression that offices for doctors of chiropractic would be included in Phase 2 as part of Professional Services.  However, in the Phase 2 guidance issued by Empire State Development, the listing for Professional Services has been removed.

Additionally, when you read the interim guidance document, you will see there is a line that specifically says:

“This guidance does not address medical offices, such as doctors’ offices or dentists’ offices.”

While expansion of access for chiropractic patients is not forthcoming at this time, availability of "emergency chiropractic services" and telehealth options continue to be available.  We have been able to ascertain that the best interpretation of this language means, urgent and necessary chiropractic care. While remaining open per “essential” business guidelines is possible and permissible, we encourage you to use your best clinical judgment, common sense, and an eye for public health in determining "urgent and necessary care."

The covered Phase 2 businesses are:

  • Offices
  • Real Estate
  • In-store retail
  • Vehicle sales, leases and rentals
  • Retail rental, repair and cleaning
  • Commercial building management
  • Hair salons and barbershops

Please note that hair salons and barbershops can do hair only, and they must wear a face mask and a face shield.  They can do no other services, and they must also get tested every two weeks for COVID-19. Nail salons were originally thought to be part of this area, but they have been left off the list.

The NYSCA will continue monitoring this situation and will keep you updated as further developments are anticipated. Stay well and please continue to be diligent in protecting public health!

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