NYSCA Provider Spotlight - Dr. Bethany Buryta

Dr. Bethany BurtyaDr. Bethany Buryta’s NYSCA involvement began in 2017, about 2 years before she even began practicing in the great state of New York.

Having been licensed in 3 states, Dr. Buryta knew the importance of verifying laws, insurance policies and scope of practice prior to applying for licensure because those policies change from state to state. NYSCA provides this information and more to its members, so it was a no brainer at the time to join.

Dr. Bethany participated as a NYSCA member for several years before being elected as Vice President for NYSCA District 15 in 2020. Over the next two years she worked with the board to provide many resources to local members, including: a hybrid of local in person and virtual meetings, inexpensive live online CE, student sponsorships, BLS recertification classes, resources to help navigate the pandemic, updates to never ending ICD10 and workers comp changes, and local professional guest speakers (medical doctors, healthcare professionals and attorneys) to name a few.

In 2022 Dr. Buryta joined the NYSCA Board of Directors and attended the Fall Convention at the Kartrite Resort representing NYSCA Region 4 (Western NY). In this role, she is currently working with Doctors and legislators from all over the state to support scope modernization for NY chiropractors.

In April of 2023, you will find Dr. B at the NYSCA Spring Convention at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut presenting a 1 hour lecture on Mobile Chiropractic for CAT 1 CE credit.

Dr. B is passionate about unity and growth within the profession, and is happy to answer any questions our members may have! You can find out more information about Dr. Bethany Buryta at rochousecallchiro.com.

Or you can reach out to her directly at:
[email protected]
IG: @rochousecalldoc
Facebook: Bethany Buryta DC and Rochester House Call Chiropractic
LinkedIn: Bethany Buryta DC

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