Combating Fraud and Abuse in Medicare & Medicaid

As Medicare Contracted Advisory Committee Representative for NY, Dr. Lupinacci and I have been receiving many complaints regarding Medicare. As CAC reps, we work closely on these issues with the ACA. We also get many questions as to what we are doing to stop some of the unfair treatment we receive in Medicare. Dealing with CMS and the rules and regulations governing Medicare is a national issue, we wanted to share a communication from ACA with you:





Combating Fraud and Abuse
in Medicare & Medicaid

In response to a request from the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, ACA recently submitted comments on combating and preventing fraud, waste and abuse within the Medicare and Medicaid programs. In the comments, ACA describes various actions taken by the association to improve standards for the chiropractic profession. Additionally, ACA comments about Medicare, inadvertent billing and documentation errors and incorrect coding and billing for items that Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) determine are (after the fact) "not medically" necessary. See attached letter from ACA to the US Senate Committee on Finance:


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