CALL TO ACTION: Your Immediate Attention is Needed!!!


Your Immediate Attention is Needed!!!

We need your help. A5956, sponsored by Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, would amend the limited liability company law, the business corporation law, the partnership law and the public health law to allow doctors of chiropractic to form partnerships with medical doctors. We need you to send letters of support for this legislation to your local legislators.


Step One: Download and personalize one of the “Doctor’s Letter to Legislators.” We are providing you with four sample letters with varying levels of urgency and tone.

Please personalize these letters to make them specific and unique to your office.  Some possible scenarios might include:
  1. You are seriously considering forming a partnership, but cannot do so because of NY state law
  2. You have been approached by an MD to form a partnership but can't
  3. You are already in a professional relationship with an MD and cannot form a formal partnership due to current law
If desired, you could also make specific reference to Medical Homes, ACOs, and the role of the healthcare exchanges and how current New York State law will not allow full ACA implementation toward integration. The point is to make the letter your own.

Step Two: Send (email) the signed letters to your local Assembly person and copy your district president on the email. You can send a letter for yourself and for your office if each location is represented by a different Assembly person.

Step Three: Use the below links to find your local legislators if you don’t know who they are. Once you have found your local legislator, you can also find their email address.

Step Four: Contact MD’s that you know who are supportive of this legislation and ask them to send a letter of support for the bill. You can provide this letter to use as a template. Please ask them to personalize it. Then ask them to email it to their legislator and to copy you. Then send it to your District President.

Thank you in advance for your efforts and support.


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