How to Know if You Need Chiro Debt Recovery Services

Sometimes, doctors wonder if utilizing chiropractic debt collection services are worth the time and money. Unlike other independent health care practitioners, chiropractors generally do not deal with massive delinquent debt loads because their services are traditionally affordable. Typically, the average debt chiropractic patients accrue is around $250.

You may be asking:
  • Is it worth my time and money?
  • Will this burn bridges with current patients and potential referrers?
  • What are a couple hundred bucks in the grand scheme of things?
To Collect – or Not?

To help you determine whether to work with a chiropractic debt collection agency, consider the following:
  • Due diligence – Have you given your patients a fair opportunity to respond? Typically, the best practice to collect from an unresponsive patient is to leave two voicemail messages and send one (final) written notification concerning a delinquent account. After two weeks with no response, the assumption is that your patient is avoiding the situation and you are best served by utilizing a chiropractic debt collection agency.
  • Count the cost – The debt has to be worth your investment. Discuss your situation with a certified chiropractic debt recovery professional to see if utilizing their services makes sense for your bottom line.
  • Is this a new or perpetual problem? – If this is a first-time offense with a long-standing patient, then think twice about sending him or her to a chiropractic debt collection company prematurely. People usually have a good reason for falling behind, and this is especially true with patients who have proven their loyalty and timely payment ability in the past. On the other hand, if this is a new patient and you suspect that he or she may be predatory, then having a no-nonsense approach will probably serve you well.
  • Was it your fault? If you didn’t set the tone, neglected to deliver proper expectations up front or were lackadaisical in your fee-for-service procedures, then can you really fault your patient for falling behind? In this situation, to save your reputation and credibility, use chiropractic debt collection help only after fully addressing the situation with your patient and giving him or her ample time to respond.
A True Story

Chiropractor examining a charming woman's backDepartment Chair at Life University Lydia Dever tells the story of a situation in which a patient fell behind on a considerable amount of money and then just disappeared. Giving her the benefit of the doubt because this patient was a loyal patient in the past and didn’t seem too malicious in her actions, Dr. Dever forgave the debt and forgot all about it. Two years later, completely out of the blue, the patient came into the office and handed her a check for $300. She thanked Dr. Dever for her understanding and told her a touching story as to why she wasn’t able to pay. Evidently, the patient was so embarrassed that her bill got behind that she avoided the office, but after her account got current she resumed care. Does this sound like a referral source or what?

When All Else Fails

Of course, not every story ends with such a happy feeling, and you will be required to utilize chiropractor debt collection services at one point or another. This is particularly true for doctors who specialize in personal injury and high profile insurance claims. Thankfully, chiropractor debt recovery options are readily available to help in these situations so that you can focus on what you do best.

IC System Quick Facts

  • For more than 40 years, Chiro Collect, Powered by I.C. System, has worked with hundreds of Chiropractic Practices nationwide, collecting millions of dollars on their behalf. I.C. System is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating.
  • We are among just a few dozen agencies worldwide to be ”certified” for Best Practices through ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) program.
  • We leverage comprehensive skip-tracing efforts to find “missing” patients.
  • We offer Chiropractor Clients Online Tools to easily submit debts, view our work effort (number of letters mailed, number of calls made, etc.) on debts, report payments, and generate reports.

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