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No Fault covers Telemedicine Services per WC Amendment

NYSCA members have been asking, "Does the WC amendment allowing temporary performance of telemedicine services during Covid-19 extend to No Fault?"  

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Telemedicine Services and Workers’ Compensation in New York

Telemedicine and telehealth services are currently being reviewed and discussed by the state board for chiropractic.  However, you may currently perform telemedicine for injured workers in need of timely help.

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Some WC Carriers have yet to update their reimbursement fee schedules

NYSCA Members have reported that a few workers compensation carriers have failed to properly update their fee schedules based on the January 1, 2020 update.  As you know, these changes for parity were needed and overdue.  The Workers Compensation Committee continues to act on your behalf to make necessary changes. 

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UnitedHealthcare requires 'GP' Always Therapy Modifier effective April 1, 2020

UnitedHealthcare will require the use of a 'GP' modifier for all billed physical medicine services effective 04/01/2020. 

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NYS WCB CMS-1500 Q&A Webinars

In order to increase health care provider participation in the workers' compensation system and improve injured workers' access to timely, quality medical care, the Workers' Compensation Board (Board) is supporting electronic submission of CMS-1500 forms, along with a medical narrative. The CMS-1500 streamlines medical billing and may reduce the paperwork requirements currently in the workers' compensation system.

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NYS WCB Announces Medical Narrative Report Template for Form CMS-1500 Submissions

To further assist medical providers in the implementation of the CMS-1500 for workers’ compensation patients, the Board has created a medical narrative report template that can be used to create the medical narrative that must accompany all CMS-1500 submissions.

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CMS Feedback on Scope of Practice - NYSCA Response

In response to the CMS call for Feedback on Scope of Practice, the NYSCA has submitted the following:  

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Setting the record straight: The new 1/1/2020 NYS Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule

The NYSCA Workers' Compensation Committee has received numerous calls from our members regarding the revised 1/1/2020 Workers' Compensation Chiropractic Fee Schedule.  A fair amount of misinformation is being communicated, particularly in the downstate region, resulting in confusion in the application of the 1/1/2020 Schedule.

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Medicare Documentation Job Aid for Doctors of Chiropractic

Have you received a request for documentation from a Medicare contractor but not sure if your records comply? We understand the challenges Doctors of Chiropractic face when determining what to include in responding to a request for medical records. The A/B Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) partnered together to create this job aid to help you properly respond to these requests.

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CMS Calls for Feedback on Scope of Practice - due by 01/17/2020

The NYSCA has been in contact with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) regarding possible changes to Medicare as outlined in the following letter from National Government Services.

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New NYS Workers' Comp Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2020

The New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) and New York Chiropractic Council have been actively working with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) to achieve parity in the system for services provided by Doctors of Chiropractic in New York State.

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Workers' Compensation Update

Please be advised that the proposed increase to the chiropractic conversion factor will be going into effect on January 1, 2020 as anticipated. This change recognizes the need for parity in the Workers Compensation system and represents a positive step forward in the recognition of the value of chiropractic care. We appreciate the willingness of the WCB to address this issue.

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NGS Webinar: Chiropractic Billing and Documentation

National Government Services (the Medicare contractor for our region) is offering a seminar on Medicare billing to providers on Wed, Dec 18, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM EST.  You may sign up by following the link below:

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ASH contracts with Suffolk County employees through BCBS

Please note the following notification from American Specialty Health (ASH) relative to employees of Suffolk County.

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A New Medicare Documentation Job Aid for Doctors of Chiropractic Has Been Released

Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed and released a Medicare Documentation Job Aid to assist chiropractors in responding to medical records requests, medical necessity documentation, and corrective treatment documentation. These PDF downloads are available on the website. 

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NYS WCB Proposing Changes to the Chiropractic Conversion Factor

Through the hard work of the NYSCA, the New York State Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is proposing to change the chiropractic conversion factor, creating parity for the first time since our inclusion in workers' compensation for doctors of chiropractic. The disparity in the conversion factor has been a priority of the joint efforts from NYSCA and the Council. Working together, and working with the WCB, positive change is coming.

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Updated NYS WC Medical Fee Schedule Effective 4/1/19

Don't forget to implement the New NYS Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule for services rendered on and after 4/1/19.  

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Member Update: 2019 WC Fee Schedule Changes

As you may be aware, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board recently released an updated fee schedule.  This effective date of the fee schedule is April 1, 2019.

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[Practice Alert] NYS DFS Announces Plan for Adoption of the No-Fault Fee Schedule

As you know the WCB has updated the fee schedule and the changes will be implemented on April 1st, 2019.  We have been waiting for the release from the Department of Financial Services regarding No-Fault.  It has now arrived, you can view it using the link below:

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NYS WCB to Adopt Proposed Fee Schedule Changes

 Pursuant to the provisions of the State Administrative procedure act, the Workers Compensation Board will be adopting the Proposed Medical Fee Schedule changes effective April 1, 2019. 

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