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Future of Chiropractic Strategic Visioning and Planning Project » Discussion Board

The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (ChiroCongress) is seeking to develop a strategic plan for the future of the Chiropractic profession through a robust stakeholder engagement process. The resulting vision and strategic plan will become a public resource that will guide the profession and its stakeholders for the next five years.

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ChiroCongress Launches Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan Project

During the 2019 ChiroCongress 50th Anniversary Convention in San Diego, The Future of Chiropractic Forum was held and stakeholders from across the profession, along with ChiroCongress members, participated in a dialogue about what the next 50 years will hold for the Chiropractic profession.

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National Chiropractic Health Month 2020 Begins Oct. 1

National Chiropractic Health Month 2020

When it comes to your health, get “Active and Adaptive"!

With the theme “Active and Adaptive,” National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) 2020 will focus on helping people adapt to the new normal and maintain musculoskeletal health and function in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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NYSCA Question of the week: Treating patients who have attended protests

A NYSCA member asks: A patient just called to make an appointment; however, they attended a protest a few days ago. Can I see them if they have not demonstrated Covid-19 symptoms?

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Chiropractic Open For Business - Phase 3 & Massage Therapists

There is a lot of good news happening as New York moves forward. 

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NYSCA Announces Removal of Practice Restrictions

The NYSCA is pleased to share the good news. Updated guidance has been released that chiropractic offices can resume providing the full breadth of chiropractic services. The prior restriction to “emergency chiropractic services” is no longer in place. This was accomplished with the update of the definition of Essential Business being changed to ''chiropractic services". All chiropractic services are now considered essential throughout the entire state of New York.

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Update on NY Forward Phase 2 and Chiropractic Practices

The NYSCA was under the impression that offices for doctors of chiropractic would be included in Phase 2 as part of Professional Services.  However, in the Phase 2 guidance issued by Empire State Development, the listing for Professional Services has been removed.

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There are important developments in the COVID-19 crisis here in NY. Empire State Development has updated the guidance on the definition of Essential Services. It has now been formalized and includes language which notes 'emergency chiropractic services' are essential. This would indicate that face to face chiropractic services that are non-emergency would not be considered essential.

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Update regarding "Emergency Chiropractic Services"

We continue to address the developing needs of chiropractic patients during the covid-19 crisis. We have been able to achieve a measure of clarity regarding NY's updated definition of essential services, including "Emergency Chiropractic Services". 

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Call Your Senators Now to Ensure Relief for Providers, Including Chiropractors


Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) have introduced the Immediate Relief for Rural Facilities and Providers Act, new legislation to address the impending crisis facing our healthcare system as the spread of COVID-19 increasingly strains hospitals and providers across the country. Bennet and Barrasso's new legislation would extend a lifeline to rural hospitals, and all providers and the millions of Americans who depend on them for health care.

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Your Membership Dollars At Work

As a member of the New York State Chiropractic Association, you are granted complimentary membership with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) through enrollment in F4CP Group Membership. 

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ACA Launches Website to Enhance Public Understanding of Chiropractic

Media Contact: Annette Bernat 
[email protected] (703) 812­-0226

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National Chiropractic Health Month Begins Oct. 1

National Chiropractic Health Month 2019

Strength. Stability. Success.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) health helps people live full and active lives.

Everyone wants to be strong and healthy. Our musculoskeletal (MSK) system – comprised of our muscles, bones and joints – plays an important role in helping us get and stay stronger at all stages of life. ... It’s what makes it possible for us to stand. It’s what enables us to move. It’s what powers us to do the things that matter most, whether that’s taking care of our children, hiking in the Rockies, remodeling a vintage piece of furniture or dancing until the sun comes up.

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September is National Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

Sponsored by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, National Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month is a national observance and annual campaign geared toward raising public awareness of chiropractic care as the preferred first-line approach to safe, effective, drug-free
management of low back, neck and neuro-musculoskeletal pain.

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Bill Introduced to Modernize Medicare Coverage of Chiropractic Services

Arlington, VA – A bill that would update Medicare by increasing its coverage of services provided by doctors of chiropractic within the full extent of their licensure was introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives. (HR3654)

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Resources for VBA talking points

By this time, I am sure you have all seen the articles circulating about a 28-year old man from Oklahoma who suffered a stroke from cracking his own neck. The doctor who treated him is quoted in the article stating the following:

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The Value of Chiropractic Gains Recognition in Nationally Published Research

The release of four new studies highlighting a more patient-centered, comprehensive and collaborative care model, which includes chiropractic care, proves to be an impressive win-win for you, your practice and your patients.

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ACA Year to Date Update

  • In January 2018, President Trump signed into law the ACA-supported "Jobs for Our Heroes Act." The law includes a provision allowing chiropractors working within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to perform physical exams on veterans needing a medical certificate to operate a commercial motor vehicle. 

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New Dry Needling Code Is the Culmination of a Successful ACA/APTA Collaboration

Following a successful nine-year collaboration between the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a new CPT® code for dry needling will soon be available to providers, paving the way potentially for proper reimbursement, national standards and a greater understanding of how this relatively new modality helps patients in pain.

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Now Available: F4CP Opioid 3.0 eBook

As a member of the NYSCA, you are eligible for complimentary membership with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). F4CP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about chiropractic care via POSITIVE PRESS. 

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