Qualifications for Corporate Sponsorship (Supporting Membership)

A domestic or foreign, for-profit or not-for-profit corporation (excluding the NYSCA, the NYSCA districts and any NYSCA affiliates), a limited liability company, a professional services limited liability corporation, a joint-stock association, unincorporated association and partnership who have, host, sell, barter or convey commercial and not-for-profit products and services that comport with the New York chiropractic enabling law as defined in New York state Education Law, Article 132 and that support chiropractic education, training and practice, may qualify for membership in the NYSCA as a Corporate Sponsor with the following stipulations:

Corporate Sponsorship of the NYSCA is a privilege.


These wishing to establish a Corporate Sponsorship with the NYSCA are required to complete a Corporate Sponsorship application. The Corporate Sponsorship application will be submitted to the NYSCA Board of Directors for approval.

  • Levels of Corporate Sponsorship are created administratively by the NYSCA Board of Directors with the approval of the NYSCA House of Delegates and may be modified from time to time and subject to change without notice by the NYSCA.
  • All applications for Corporate Sponsorship must include a 25-50-word description of the product(s) or service(s) the applicant offers emphasizing how it benefits the chiropractic profession.
  • All applications will be accompanied by three chiropractic references.
  • Applicants to Corporate Sponsorship, their program(s), contents, and wares are vetted by the Corporate Sponsorship subcommittee of the NYSCA Ethics Committee to the degree that the committee can with the submissions made, to determine whether the Sponsor’s business and practice models comport with New York state laws, rules and regulations at the time the application was made. Once this vetting review is complete, the Corporate Sponsorship Committee will forward its recommendation(s) to the NYSCA Board of Directors. Membership will become effective only upon approval by the NYSCA Board of Directors and clearance of the applicant’s payment which, in turn, is dependent upon the level of Corporate Sponsorship to which the applicant is applying.
    • Once approved, Corporate Sponsor shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges afforded regular members of the NYSCA, excluding the right to vote in Association affairs and no Corporate Sponsor may hold office within the NYSCA as an Officer, member of the NYSCA Board of Directors, or as a District Delegate.
    • Corporate Sponsors shall be entitled to such other benefits as outlined administratively by the NYSCA Board of Directors in accord with the level of Corporate Sponsorship benefit chosen found in the Levels of Sponsorship Description.

By accepting membership in the NYSCA the Sponsor understands and agrees to the following stipulations:


The NYSCA does not guarantee any exclusive right to any sponsor in any product category.


Corporate Sponsorship of the NYSCA is NOT to be construed as an endorsement of the Sponsor's policies, business practices, products or services NOR may the Sponsor promote themselves as having been endorsed by the NYSCA.

Unless otherwise permitted by a majority of NYSCA House of Delegates representatives voting, or, alternatively by a majority vote of the Board of Directors in lieu of a House meeting, ANY reference to the NYSCA by a Corporate Sponsor, other than a simple statement or acknowledgment - e.g., "Corporate Sponsor of the New York State Chiropractic Association" or "a proud Corporate Sponsor of the New York State Chiropractic Association" - MUST INCLUDE the following disclaimer: "The NYSCA does NOT endorse and has not examined or investigated any of the products or services offered by its Corporate Sponsor"

Indemnification, Hold Harmless

Sponsor must also agree that, as a NYSCA Corporate Sponsor, the Sponsor recognizes and acknowledges that NYSCA is a self-governing organization and that, as such, the NYSCA shall not become a party to any legal action undertaken by or against any Sponsor entity by any person, corporation/ business, governmental agency or other interest, nor shall the NYSCA be liable for the debts, financial or legal obligations or the encumbered resources of any Sponsor. Any real, perceived or implied covenant between the NYSCA and the Sponsor shall be limited to the written policies of the NYSCA, and the NYSCA Corporate Sponsor shall agree to indemnify, protect and hold the NYSCA, NYSCA's Officers, Directors, Delegates, Committees, Employees and affiliated organizations, harmless, blameless and free from all liability for any course of action undertaken by or against the Sponsor.

Use of the NYSCA logo

Outside of showing or exhibiting the NYSCA logo on a display window, leaflet, brochure, or label with the accompanying imprimatur - "NYSCA Corporate Sponsor" -- any other use of the NYSCA logo MAY ONLY BE USED by a Corporate Sponsor following the prior submission of a written application/ request for permission submitted to the NYSCA Administrative Office detailing the proposed or planned use of the NYSCA logo; review of the request by the Corporate Sponsor subcommittee; the subcommittee’s recommendation to the NYSCA President and Treasurer and the grant of such permission by the President and Treasurer of the NYSCA in consultation with NYSCA legal counsel,

Post-membership use of the NYSCA logo

The NYSCA logo and the name "New York State Chiropractic Association" may NOT be used by any Corporate Sponsor whose membership has expired or has been terminated or revoked for cause.

Automatic Annual Renewal

Corporate/ Supporting membership shall renew annually on the applicant's anniversary date.

Suspension of Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsor may be suspended when that member's dues, sponsorship, exhibit, broadcast, or other fees are 31 days past due and adequate notification efforts have been undertaken by the association to collect the outstanding and delinquent debt. Such suspension shall be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors with the advisement of the NYSCA Executive Director and upon recommendation by the NYSCA Controller and any affiliated Committee Chair or Program Director. If the suspension is approved, the suspension will include rendering the Sponsor "Inactive" in the NYSCA database, and a delisting of the Corporate Sponsor in the online Marketplace section of the NYSCA website. Notification will be given by email and in writing immediately upon suspension. Membership may be reinstated once all outstanding balances and delinquent debts are paid in full. Should charges remain unpaid for 60 days, membership will be cancelled. A letter cancelling membership will be sent at the end of the 60-day period and a notice placed in the next edition of the NYSCA Newsletter that the member is no longer active with the association.