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  12. Privacy Statement
    The New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) is committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of information collected from members and other users.  As resources permit, it is the NYSCA’s intention to do all it reasonably can to make sure your information is kept strictly private and confidential. The Association’s online convention registration and / or dues payment systems require users to provide contact and financial information.  The information collected is used to process the user’s payment, update a member’s dues payment record and other database information and functions, and the information may be used if the NYSCA needs to contact the user for some reason. All financial information collected is used solely for billing and accounting purposes (e.g., for convention registration and / or dues payment) and other database functions. Personal or professional information will never be sold, shared or released to any other organization, entity, vendor or company without the express, written permission of the NYSCA member or other user.

  13. Security
    The NYSCA website has put security measures in place in an effort to protect member and other user’s information under the Association’s direction or control, and member and other user’s information maintained by NYSCA’s business partners, web hosting services and affiliates, from loss, misuse and/or alteration. Clementhardware.com, a NYSCA web partner, uses the latest technology to protect members’ and other users’ credit card information. It is the Association’s understanding that the SSL servers NYSCA business associates use are capable of up to 128-bit encryption -- the most secure SSL encryption available today. Members and other users can place orders using NYSCA’s secure SSL encryption technology, or, if a member or other user is not comfortable placing a convention or other registration online and / or making a dues payment(s) over the Internet, members and other users are always welcome to telephone, fax or transmit their information directly to the Association. The Association’s telephone exchange and number and fax number are listed below.

  14. Credit Card Security
    Protecting, securing and safeguarding the credit information of members and other users is important to the Association. As noted above, it is the NYSCA’s understanding that all credit card processing for any of the Association’s activities or programs is conducted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and, at no point, will the NYSCA store a member’s or other user’s credit information online or collect/transmit such information via email.

  15. No guarantee
    Unfortunately, no one and no entity, including the NYSCA, can ever guarantee that data transmitted over the Internet can ever be 100% secure. As such, despite the Association’s best efforts and intentions, the NYSCA cannot guarantee or warrant the absolute security of any information transmitted to and from the Association, or the Association’s business partners, associates or affiliates, over the Internet.  Nonetheless, as Association resources permit, the NYSCA will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the credit and other financial information of members and other users as noted elsewhere in this statement.

  16. Refund Policy
    The NYSCA will gladly issue a member or other user a full refund for convention registration, provided that a refund is requested at least one week prior to the start date of any scheduled or unscheduled convention, symposium, educational or continuing education program by contacting the NYSCA at 518-785-6346 or 518-656-3031.  Member dues payments to the NYSCA are generally non-refundable unless the payment is a duplicate payment, an accidental payment intended for some one else or a separate entity, an accidental overpayment, or a payment made in error due to some other mitigating factors or circumstances.  In all cases involving dues payments, the NYSCA Officers and Board of Directors reserves the right to be the final arbiter in determining whether any full or partial payment is to be refunded.

  17. Choice/Opt-Out
    NYSCA’s Website provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from the NYSCA by the means indicated on the website or by contacting the Association via e-mail at the NYSCA web address below.  You can send email to [email protected]

  18. Applicable Law
    The NYSCA convention registration and / or dues payment system has been created and is under the control of the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA), a New York State Corporation, and, as such, the laws of New York State govern this disclaimer the terms and conditions cited herein, and any transaction or transactions covered or anticipated by this statement without giving effect to any conflict of law principles. NYSCA reserves the right to make changes to the NYSCA Website, this statement and disclaimer and any and all terms and conditions at any time.

  19. Your Comments
    The Association welcomes your feedback. If you have questions or comments regarding our privacy and security policies, please feel free to email the Association at any time at [email protected]