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Many of our members have contacted the NYSCA Insurance Committee after receiving notice from the NY Workers' Compensation Board to renew their authorization to treat injured workers. This was covered extensively at the NYSCA workers' compensation presentation at the Fall Convention and during our workers' compensation webinars.  

As previously noted, it is recommended that you verify that your authorization status is current on the WCB website at the following link:

Health Care Provider and IME Search

Some doctors have learned that their authorization expired when their claim was denied.  Do not put your authorization to treat injured workers at risk.  The renewal process must be completed on the WCB Medical Portal, and does not require much time.  You must upload your CV. 

You are also encouraged to complete the indicated online training classes applicable to the chiropractic profession.  

The following notice has been received by providers who have not yet renewed their workers' compensation authorization:   

Health care providers are required by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to renew their authorization to treat and/or perform independent medical examinations every two or three years, depending on profession.  To streamline the process, the Board has transitioned to an electronic online renewal process through the Board’s Medical Portal

Failure to Renew Authorization

Failure to renew authorization will result in the following:

  1. Your authorization will be removed, and you will no longer be permitted to treat injured workers or perform independent medical examinations in the New York State workers’ compensation system.
  2. You will be removed from the Board’s Health Care Provider and IME online search
  3. Your bills for service may not be eligible for the dispute process if you were not authorized on the date of service.

To avoid any interruption, please renew your authorization. 

Renewing Your Authorization

To renew your authorization, access the Board’s Medical Portal and complete the Authorization Renewal form.

Register for Medical Portal access
You may have already received an email from the Board with credentials to access the Medical Portal. If you have not, you will need to register for Medical Portal access. When you register for access, you will be asked for your email address. This should be your individual email address, not a group or practice email address. See the Medical Portal Overview page for more information. 

Once you have received a username and password, visit and select the Medical Portal icon under the Popular Services section of the home page to log in.

Authorization Renewal form
Once you’re logged into the Medical Portal select Authorization Renewal, and then complete, and submit the form.

Training courses specific to each provider type are available in the Portal to help providers learn more about the workers’ compensation system. These courses are not mandatory for authorization renewals, but you are encouraged to take them.

If you have any questions about the renewal process, please visit, or contact the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Director's Office at (800) 781-2362, option 6, or email [email protected].

Thank you,
Medical Director’s Office

The NYSCA Insurance Committee (The NIC) is available to assist you with the aforementioned, or any other insurance issue you may be experiencing. 

Together We Are NYSCA

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