ACA's Investigation of ASHN Reveals Scope of Problems



The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) continues to receive major concerns from across the nation regarding the chiropractic network, American Specialty Health Network (ASHN). We want to share with you the scope of our investigation on your behalf by letting you know that information has come to us indicating that not only are providers troubled about the practices of this organization, but also employers, unions, regulators, and most importantly, patients are as well.


Based on our data collection from all of you who call and email us, ASHN ranks as one of the most frequently identified companies causing concerns among doctors of chiropractic, and the concerns rank as some of the highest in the level of egregiousness of problems reported. The problems, as many of you know, include those we have stated previously, and more: (list is not all inclusive)


  • lack of clear communication to providers and patients resulting in coverage and payment errors; 
  • not adequately informing employers of changes;
  • unwillingness to resolve confusion of patients and providers by coordinating services with payers;
  • restriction of treatment not in keeping with standard chiropractic practice;
  • disregard of state statutes;
  • interfering with doctors' duty to exercise professional clinical judgment in managing patients' treatment plans;
  • lack of appropriate, evidence-based clinical rationale for denial of treatment; and
  • untimely payment of claims.


We want to thank all of you who have stepped forward to share with us about what you are experiencing. Without you, the ACA cannot advocate on your behalf and stand for the profession's ability to deliver medically necessary care. Our investigation is now coming to a close with our Legal and Insurance Relations Teams making their final decisions very soon. For this reason, this is a time when we need every member who feels that ASHN has hindered the appropriate delivery of services provided by a doctor of chiropractic, the proper billing and reimbursement of claims, and the ability to continue productive doctor/patient relationships - to speak up.


It only takes a minute to print this form (which can also be found at and fax it to us. You may also give this form to your patients who feel they have been affected by these practices. Patients make powerful advocates! Will you stop and help us advocate for you today?


If you'd like to talk with us more about this issue, you may email us at [email protected].



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