WC Update: Special Funds Closes Down


As of 09/07/2018 Special Funds Conservation Committee has officially closed down operation. Each patient that was assigned to Special Funds will revert back to the original carrier they had prior to special funds or NCA (Neuman claims administrator).  Many patients were notified of this by their designated carrier.

All care going forward for maintenance or acute exacerbation will need to be mailed to the new carrier. The Workers' Compensation Committee members of the NYSCA will be seeking further guidance and input from the Workers Compensation Board going forward.

Our concerns are with HP-1's HP-1J's and any previous denials or C8.1's our member doctors may have currently with SF. We hope to have all these questions resolved by the convention.

If you have any other questions regarding Special Funds you can direct them to the NYSCA WC Committee by emailing [email protected]  Specific questions regarding individual denials can not be accurately addressed at this time. 


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