Covid-19 Updates Regarding Essential Business and Chiropractic Practice

The NYSCA is working to remain vigilant at helping members understand and address the Covid-19 pandemic and remain responsive to updates and changes as this situation unfolds. It is our duty as an association to serve you our members, just as it is your duty to serve your patients and community. The following builds on a COVID-19 release from March 20th, as we continue to get questions from members we will try to add clarity.

Per the Governor’s guidance, essential businesses may remain open. This includes healthcare facilities and doctors offices, making chiropractic essential business. We know your patients need your conservative care expertise. Whether this is addressing acute musculoskeletal conditions so these individuals don’t end up contributing to the overload at the hospital or urgent care center, or perhaps you’re caring for a nurse or first responder so they can continue their frontline service. Chiropractic care in these terms is essential.

At the same time, your community needs your service in public health. Non-essential patient care may be best delayed until after this crisis passes. The NYSCA recommends that all chiropractic practices see patients for urgent, acute, and necessary care and recommends postponing/ rescheduling performance of elective care, wellness, and preventative care at this time.

While it is understood that wellness care can aid in optimal health and function of the patient, to avoid potential exposure and community threat, we urge each practitioner to consider the potential risks to public health. For patients seeking elective care, please consider utilizing your expertise in nutrition, lifestyle counseling, and exercise-based approaches to facilitate optimal health and function via diet, exercise, stress-management, and self-care.

It is the duty of all professionals to exercise their best judgement. We trust you will use yours and continue to place the needs of your patients and community paramount.

The impact on your practices, staff, and families is also understood. The NYSCA is actively working to find and encourage resources for impacted chiropractic practices. Federal efforts can be supported here. As more resources are released in the coming days and weeks, they will be cataloged here:

Stay healthy, remain vigilant, and thank you for continuing to put the needs of patients and community first!

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