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The time is now for ChiroVoice!

by Louis Lupinacci, DC, FICC and H. William Wolfson, DC, FICC | 6/8/2009 7:58:36 AM

The New York State Chiropractic Association asks members to support the ACA chiropractic advocacy network, (ChiroVoice). Through this chiropractic advocacy network, patients and chiropractic supporters can stay informed about important health care issues and contact their legislators in Washington. Chiropractic supporters will be able to educate policymakers about the value of chiropractic and work to positively impact any legislative efforts to reform the current national health care system. ChiroVoice will also enable the NYSCA to mobilize patient support at the state level for legislative action when necessary. Ask your patients to sign up now! (Please be sure to adhere to all HIPAA regulations if signing patients up in your office.) The time is now for ChiroVoice! The opportunity to challenge some of the long standing issues beleaguering our profession. Prevention... Wellness... Fee Parity....Anti Discrimination Statutes, Full Scope Medicare, etc. These are just a few of our issues to be debated in DC. Historically, when given the chance to compete on a level playing field our profession shines. Along the same lines, historically the way we get there is through grass roots activities. The ACA has iniated ChiroVoice. Yet, many docs have not asked patients and staff to sign up. Please take time today to get your patients and staff involved. The Senate is marking up legislation this week and the House in a few weeks. President Obama wants a bill on his desk by the fall if not sooner. We can shape our future. It is said "Inaction has as significant of an impact as action," please don't let inaction cause us to fail. It's up to all of us to get involved, be involved, stay involved and be triumphant...we all benefit! Thanks for your help! Louis Lupinacci, DC, FICC NYSCA Vice President H. William Wolfson, DC, FICC NYS Downstate Delegate


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