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New Foundation Ads Tell the Story

by Foundation for Chiropractic Progress | 8/22/2007 8:46:32 AM

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is pleased to unveil three new ads to communicate to the chiropractic profession and the general public. These advertisements present both the purpose and successes of the Foundation over the last twelve months. With a focus on the range of methods used to reach the consumer public on the benefits of chiropractic, these ads are another key to help unlock the best kept secret in health care - chiropractic. ”We encourage every state association and chiropractic publication to utilize these ads on a rotating basis,” stated Kent S. Greenawalt, Foundation Chairman. “In doing this, the chiropractic profession can see what is being achieved and more importantly what can be achieved if the entire profession supports the public relations campaign.” Mr. Thomas Collins, known as one of the best copywriters in the world, prepared the ads for the Foundation. Co-founder and creative director of Rapp & Collins, an advertising agency specializing in direct marketing and fundraising appeals, Mr. Collins writes The Makeover Maven, a monthly column in Direct Magazine. In addition, he has compiled 40 advertising makeovers into a book, How I Would Have Done These Ads. The number of positive messages generated by the Foundations’ public relations efforts has exceeded thirty million and continues to grow. The combination of a prominent public relations agency, generating monthly press releases and public service announcements, along with positive ads in national publications is having an enormous impact on this effort. The Foundation for Chiropractic’s public relations campaign is the longest, continuous public relations campaign in the history of the profession. Every dollar received from vendors and doctors will go directly to the advertising/public relations campaign. We invite you to join the Foundation and build on the positive press of this campaign. Contributions can be mailed to P.O. Box 560, Carmichael, California 95609-0560 or please visit:


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