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Clinical Practice Committee
Ethics Committee
Insurance Committee
Legislation Committee
Meeting and Convention Committee
Membership Committee
Public Information Committee
Rules Revisions and Policy Committee

Permanent committees are established in the bylaws; the chair is appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. Chairpersons of permanent committees are required to report to the House of Delegates at every meeting. Working Groups shall be formed within permanent committees tasked by the committee chair to complete specific projects as the need arises. Work groups report to the House through the committee chair. This organization shall have eight (8) permanent committees with the following functions and duties.

Clinical Practice Committee:
This committee shall encompass and appoint working groups, as needed, in the following areas related to clinical practice:

  1. Chiropractic Guidelines/Standards
    1. Post overall excellence standards/guidelines or links for NYSCA member usage as needed.
    2. Post on the website outcome measures and instructions for member usage.
  2. Research
    1. Use the NYSCA website as a reference source for quality research articles as a member benefit.
    2. Gather quality research articles to post on the website for reference.
    3. Have a link posted for Chiro Access sign up. This is a free search for reference source for chiropractors.
  3. Electro diagnosis
    1. Address issues in the arena of electrodiagnosis in workers compensation by convening subcommittee.
    2. Work with NYSCA WC committee as a liaison to the workers compensation board.
  4. Nutrition
    1. As needed form a nutrition subcommittee to handle proactively address new developments in laws and regulations in regards to nutrition, supplements and dietary counseling.
    2. Inform members of issues in this arena and seek means to make improvements.
  5. Athletics and Sports Injury
    1. Recruit subcommittee members to deal with athletic injuries to ensure legislation is up to date and be proactive to improve practice in this arena.
    2. Inform members of issues in this arena and seek means to make improvements.
  6. Multidisciplinary/Hospital Initiatives
    1. As initiatives arise from national and state levels to increase job opportunities in hospital, medical home and integrative setting inform NYSCA members rally support to advance these initiatives.
    2. Inform members of issues in this arena and seek means to make improvements.
  7. Patient communication
Work with the convention committee to recommend speakers or present seminars as needed on in the arena of patient communication as needed.
  1. Public Health
Work with the convention committee to provide information to NYSCA members in regards to public health challenges of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. as needed.
  1. Patient Documentation
NYSCA’s convention committee will present/coordinate speakers for seminars and newletter/website articles to update members as to what quality documentation is and new standards as they arise.
  1. Business practices
Work with convention committee to present/coordinate speakers for seminars and educate members in quality business practices.

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This committee shall receive, investigate, resolve or refer for disciplinary action in accordance with the procedures set forth in the New York State Chiropractic Association (the NYSCA) Chiropractic Code of Professional Ethics any complaints lodged against a member relating to an ethical issue.

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This committee shall concern itself with all pubic and private insurance issues, including by not limited to:

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. No-Fault
  4. Worker's Compensation
  5. Third Party Indemnity Plans
  6. HMOs and MCOs
  7. Insurance Consultants: establishing and maintaining standards for the certified insurance consultants program of this organization.

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This committee shall propose, draft and submit legislation to the NYS Legislature which advances the mission of the NYSCA. This committee shall organize the membership in support of the legislative program.

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This committee shall recruit and maintain membership. This committee is responsible for:

  1. Awards: The function of this work group shall be to determine recipients and type of awards at the state level. Awards will be presented, when practice, at the annual membership meeting. It shall consist of a total of five (5) members selected from among both the Association Board of Directors and District Delegates.

  2. New Practitioners: shall concern itself with all the special problems of new practitioners and investigate and initiate programs to address the needs and problems of such new practitioners.

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Meetings and Convention:
Coordinates all facets of the annual membership meeting and other meetings or seminars convened for the membership.

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Public Information:
This committee shall keep the public apprized of the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic using the various public communication media. It shall supply chiropractic information upon request. In addition this committee shall be responsible for the following work groups:

  1. Health Fairs: This work group shall produce and administer an exhibition in the Hall of Health at the annual New York State Fair. In addition, this committee shall be responsible for maintaining a chiropractic booth which can be used by the various districts in order to participate in health fairs on a local level and shall be available to assist the various districts in participating in such fairs.

  2. Industrial Relations: The function of this work group shall be to promote better understanding between the chiropractic profession, management and labor union personnel; to impress upon and educate doctors of chiropractic as to their professional responsibility to management and labor.

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Rules, Revisions & Policy Committee:
This committee shall place any and all alterations, amendments, repeals or additions to the Bylaws in their proper grammatical and parliamentary form upon presentation thereof by the Secretary of the organization within a reasonable time after receipt.

Upon consideration thereof, same will be returned to the Secretary of the organization for consideration as set forth in ARTICLE XX. This committee shall review and make sure any and all proposed public and professional policies the NYSCA receives are submitted in their proper grammatical and parliamentary form; insure completeness of the proposal and manage the procedures for the conduct of creating policy as outlined in ARTICLE THIRTEEN - POLICY PROCEDURES AND PROVISIONS contained in these Bylaws. This committee shall also appoint Hearing Panel subcommittee(s), and an Action subcommittee(s) from among its members as events may warrant, as called for under ARTICLE THIRTEEN - POLICY PROCEDURES AND PROVISIONS. This committee shall have the sole responsibility for interpreting the Bylaws. The Executive Director of this Association or some alternate representative of the NYSCA administrative staff shall be the administrative liaison to this committee.

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