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Virginia Chiropractic Association and Virginia Society of Chiropractic Form Unification Committee

by COCSA | 5/5/2009 8:02:01 AM

The Virginia Chiropractic Association (VCA) and the Virginia Society of Chiropractic (VSC) announced their intent to unite into a single entity and the formation of a Unification Committee. The unification will create a single, more influential association in the Commonwealth of Virginia that will better serve chiropractic doctors, patients, and the profession as a whole. The goal is to reduce duplication, allowing the profession to devote more resources and expertise to public policy, education, legal and legislative initiatives. Over the past several years, the organizations have begun collaborating more and more frequently, assisting each other in legislative activities and conducting joint educational programs. Both presidents accepted honorary memberships in the other organizations and face-to-face meetings and conference calls between the two Boards and staff became regular occurrences. The Unification Committee is charged with fleshing out the myriad of organizational, operational, and legal details and considerations involved in bringing the two groups together. In addition, it will outline a plan to provide a framework for the rules that will govern the organizations during the consolidation period, thereby ensuring a smooth transition.

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