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Dr. Terrence Murphy for NY State Senate

by NYSCA Staff Writer | 10/27/2014 8:32:37 PM

Dr. Terence Murphy, a chiropractor in Westchester, is running for the NY State Senate. His election would be very significant for the chiropractic profession as a voice in the NYS Senate. Please consider giving him your support.

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About Dr. Murphy

Dr. Terrence Murphy’s family originally moved to Yorktown 52 years ago when Yorktown’s mascot, the Cornhusker, was still a common and public sight. Growing up next to Wilken’s Fruit Farm, Terrence enjoyed an incredible childhood which included apple picking and skating on Mill Pond. As the youngest of six children, Dr. Murphy learned at a young age how to stick up for himself. His father Jack, a blue-collar, union man and labor advocate who worked for Con Edison for over fifty years taught him the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to community.

Remembering his father’s teachings of the importance of community Dr. Murphy was always willing to help others in need. It was of little surprise to his family when he decided to study chiropractic following his graduation from Yorktown High School in 1984. Terrence’s time away from Yorktown was a blessing in disguise. It allowed him to become an independent individual, traveling the world as a member of a world class rugby team, while reinforcing his love and passion for his home town.

In 1999, Dr. Murphy made his first official mark on Yorktown by opening the Yorktown Health and Wellness Center on Commerce Street. Standing in the same storefront today as then Dr. Murphy has exhibited his father’s lessons of hard work, dedication, and commitment to his community.

Following the passing of his father, Dr. Murphy, opened Murphy’s Restaurant in Yorktown in 2006, with his Mom Deneyse, and older siblings, Colleen, Erin, Sean, Denis, and Pat. As a tribute to their father, Murphy’s stands as one of Yorktown’s largest and most successful businesses and has been recognized twice for providing employment opportunities for the mentally challenged.

Dr. Murphy’s commitment to the Yorktown community does not stop there. For fifteen years he volunteered for the Yorktown High School Athletic Department caring for our young athletes as an on-field medical professional. Terrence served for nearly ten years as a New York State certified EMT and started the watchdog organization Keeping Westchester Safe.

Today, Dr. Murphy continues his chiropractic practice while assist in managing his family’s restaurant. Always keeping family first, Dr. Murphy’s favorite time spent is with this wife Caroline, and children McKayla, Jack, and Kian.

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